Team Race Art Zandvoort 7/8-9-2013

Team Race Art Zandvoort 2013

Roger Grouwels with the by KMS Racing Engines built V8 engine and a Bosch Motorsport 2.9 ECU ,has lost his first position in theSupercar challenge powered by Dunlop during the race event at Zandvoort.

First race: Grouwels was starting from 6th position after having some difficulties in the dunes. The race ended in the first round because a broken driveshaft destroyed the engine.

The second race, Roger Grouwels achieved fifth place with the old spare engine. 

Tussenstand kampioenschap na 12 races:

1. Jim Geddie / Glynn Geddie 181 punten, 2. Jan Versluis 166 punten, 3. Roger Grouwels 165 punten, 4. Henry Zumbrink 162 punten, 5. Martin Lanting / Bob Herber 147 punten, 6. Peter Hoevenaars 124 punten

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