Torque Sensor Kit

Torque Sensor Kit


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The torque sensor system measures torque via strain gauges fitted to the driveshafts and connected to a radio transmitter communicating to a receiver mounted in the chassis.

The kit consists of two transmitters (each connected to the strain gauges on a driveshaft) and two receivers mounted on the chassis.

Main features;

  • Wireless non-contact system
  • Can be machined to fit shafts from 25-30mm diameter
  • Receiver able to withstand up to 2500rpm of driveshaft rotation
  • Receiver connects to loom like any 0-5V output analogue sensor


  • Supply 10 - 16V
  • 12 bit resolution
  • 0-25 Hz frequency response
  • Offset 2.5V
  • Output 0-5V
  • Operating temperature 10-80C
  • 400-450 MHz frequency
  • 240Hz data
  • Total mass 225g (transmitter + receiver)

Benefits & Applications

  • Allows constant monitoring of engine torque/power at the wheels
  • Enables the calculation of powertrain efficiency (losses)
  • Gives accurate information about tyre effects on transmission loads (driveshaft failure analysis)
  • Facilitates the understanding of differential setup to improve vehicle dynamics and the gearchange strategies

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