Active Wheelspeed Sensor

Active Wheelspeed Sensor


This active wheelspeed sensor is a Type B sensor (12V) which is triggered by a ferrous metal passing the sensor head e.g. a bolt head. An LED illuminates each time the sensor detects a ferrous metal trigger. The sensor will work with a sensing gap between 0.4mm and 4.0mm.

The sensor is usually mounted close to the centre of the wheel. When fitted to a motorcycle the wheelspeed sensor can be mounted to either the front or rear wheels.

Failure to have the minimum clearance from other steel objects causes the sensor to register a rotation even though the trigger target has moved out of range. On the other hand, if the working distance is too great, the sensor will miss triggers, especially at high speeds.

The trigger used to activate the wheelspeed sensor should have a surface approximately the same size as the head of the sensor, and be at least 4.0mm away from other metal objects.

The sensor can either be mounted in a threaded block, or with a sheet metal bracket.

Make sure the sensor does not vibrate or touch the trigger when the vehicle is driven.

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