KMS Racing Engines is a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Netherlands.

The terms and conditions on this page are relevant to every order that is placed and every agreement that is made with KMS Racing Engines.

By placing an order1 at KMS Racing Engines, the customer agrees with the terms and conditions that are mentioned on this page.

Our Engines, Parts and Electronics are custom build.

All ordered competition Engines, Parts and Electronics are non-returnable.

We supply services on our products by Training in our Facility, by Team-Viewer and by Phone.

KMS Racing Engines is not responsible in any way or costs related to our supplied engines, special parts, race parts and electronics. 

KMS Racing Engines is not responsible for any damage caused by transport or installation of the engine or parts.

All our products are tested on the Engine Dyno for Function, Performance and Quality control.

1 An order is valid after the deposit is recieved by KMS Racing Engines.

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